Docker v1.12.0-rc5 发布下载,高级容器引擎

2016-07-28 09:24:00

Docker v1.12.0-rc5 发布下载,Docker 是 PaaS 提供商 dotCloud 开源的一个基于 LXC 的高级容器引擎,源代码托管在 Github 上, 基于go语言并遵从Apache2.0协议开源。





  • New HEALTHCHECK Dockerfile instruction to support user-defined healthchecks  #23218
  • New SHELL Dockerfile instruction to specify the default shell when using the shell form for commands in a Dockerfile  #22489
  • Add #escape= Dockerfile directive to support platform-specific parsing of file paths in Dockerfile #22268
  • Add support for comments in .dockerignore  #23111
  • Support for UTF-8 in Dockerfiles  #23372
  • Skip UTF-8 BOM bytes from Dockerfile and .dockerignore if exist  #23234
  • Windows: support for ARG to match Linux  #22508
  • Fix error message when building using a daemon with the bridge network disabled  #22932


  • Enable seccomp for  CentOS 7 and  Oracle Linux 7  #22344
  • Remove MountFlags in systemd unit to allow shared mount propagation  #22806


  • Add --max-concurrent-downloads and --max-concurrent-uploads daemon flags useful for situations where network connections don't support multiple downloads/uploads  #22445
  • Registry operations now honor the ALL_PROXY environment variable  #22316
  • Provide more information to the user on docker load  #23377


  • Syslog logging driver now supports DGRAM sockets  #21613
  • Add --details option to docker logs to also display log tags  #21889
  • Enable syslog logger to have access to env and labels  #21724
  • An additional syslog-format option rfc5424micro to allow microsecond resolution in syslog timestamp  #21844
  • Inherit the daemon log options when creating containers  #21153
  • Remove docker/ prefix from log messages tag and replace it with {{.DaemonName}} so that users have the option of changing the prefix  #22384


  • Built-in Virtual-IP based internal and ingress load-balancing using IPVS  #23361
  • Secured multi-host overlay networking using encrypted control-plane and Data-plane  #23361
  • MacVlan driver is out of experimental  #23524
  • Add driver filter to network ls  #22319
  • Adding network filter to docker ps --filter  #23300
  • Add --link-local-ip flag to create, run and network connect to specify a container's link-local address  #23415
  • Add network label filter support  #21495
  • Removed dependency on external KV-Store for Overlay networking in Swarm-Mode  #23361
  • Add container's short-id as default network alias  #21901
  • run options --dns and --net=host are no longer mutually exclusive  #22408
  • Fix DNS issue when renaming containers with generated names  #22716
  • Allow both network inspect -f {{.Id}} and network inspect -f {{.ID}} to address inconsistency with inspect output  #23226

Plugins (experimental)

  • New plugin command to manager plugins with install, enable, disable, rm, inspect, setsubcommands  #23446

Remote API (v1.24) & Client

  • Split the binary into two: docker (client) and dockerd (daemon)  #20639
  • Add before and since filters to docker images --filter  #22908
  • Add --limit option to docker search  #23107
  • Add --filter option to docker search  #22369
  • Add security options to docker info output  #21172  #23520
  • Add insecure registries to docker info output  #20410
  • Extend Docker authorization with TLS user information  #21556
  • devicemapper: expose Mininum Thin Pool Free Space through docker info  #21945
  • API now returns a JSON object when an error occurs making it more consistent  #22880
  • Prevent docker run -i --restart from hanging on exit  #22777
  • Fix API/CLI discrepancy on hostname validation  #21641
  • Fix discrepancy in the format of sizes in stats from HumanSize to BytesSize  #21773
  • authz: when request is denied return forbbiden exit code (403)  #22448


  • Add --live-restore daemon flag to keep containers running when daemon shuts down, and regain control on startup  #23213
  • Ability to add OCI-compatible runtimes (via --add-runtime daemon flag) and select one with --runtime on create and run  #22983
  • New overlay2 graphdriver for Linux 4.0+ with multiple lower directory support  #22126
  • New load/save image events  #22137
  • Add support for reloading daemon configuration through systemd  #22446
  • Add disk quota support for btrfs  #19651
  • Add disk quota support for zfs  #21946
  • Add support for docker run --pid=container:<id>  #22481
  • Align default seccomp profile with selected capabilities  #22554
  • Add a daemon reload event when the daemon reloads its configuration  #22590
  • Add trace capability in the pprof profiler to show execution traces in binary form  #22715
  • Add a detach event  #22898
  • Add support for setting sysctls with --sysctl  #19265
  • Add --storage-opt flag to create and run allowing to set size on devicemapper  #19367
  • Undeprecate the -c short alias of --cpu-shares on run, build, create, update  #22621
  • Prevent from using aufs and overlay graphdrivers on an eCryptfs mount  #23121
  • Fix issues with tmpfs mount ordering  #22329
  • Created containers are no longer listed on docker ps -a -f exited=0  #21947
  • Fix an issue where containers are stuck in a "Removal In Progress" state  #22423
  • Fix bug that was returning an HTTP 500 instead of a 400 when not specifying a command on run/create  #22762
  • Fix bug with --detach-keys whereby input matching a prefix of the detach key was not preserved #22943
  • SELinux labeling is now disabled when using --privileged mode  #22993
  • If volume-mounted into a container, /etc/hosts, /etc/resolv.conf, /etc/hostname are no longer SELinux-relabeled  #22993
  • Fix inconsistency in --tmpfs behavior regarding mount options  #22438
  • Fix an issue where daemon hangs at startup  #23148
  • Ignore SIGPIPE events to prevent journald restarts to crash docker in some cases  #22460
  • Containers are not removed from stats list on error  #20835
  • Fix on-failure restart policy when daemon restarts  #20853
  • Fix an issue with stats when a container is using another container's network  #21904

Swarm Mode

  • New swarm command to manage swarms with init, join, leave, update subcommands  #23361
  • New service command to manage swarm-wide services with create, inspect, update, remove,tasks subcommands  #23361
  • New node command to manage nodes with accept, promote, demote, inspect, update, tasks,ls and rm subcommands  #23361
  • (experimental) New stack and deploy commands to manage and deploy multi-service applications #23522


  • Add support for local and global volume scopes (analogous to network scopes)  #22077
  • Allow volume drivers to provide a Status field  #21006
  • Add name/driver filter support for volume  #21361
  • Mount/Unmount operations now receives an opaque ID to allow volume drivers to differentiate between two callers  #21015
  • Fix issue preventing to remove a volume in a corner case  #22103
  • Windows: Enable auto-creation of host-path to match Linux  #22094


  • Remove deprecated syslog-tag, gelf-tag, fluentd-tag log option in favor of the more generictag one  #22620
  • Remove deprecated feature of passing HostConfig at API container start  #22570
  • Remove deprecated -f/--force flag on docker tag  #23090
  • Remove deprecated /containers/<id|name>/copy endpoint  #22149
  • Remove deprecated docker ps flags --since and --before  #22138
  • Deprecate the old 3-args form of docker import  #23273





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用centos7.2 小伙伴, 别升级 docker 1.12.0-0.5.rc5.el7.centos 升级后运行docker 要报错,Failed to start docker.service: Unit docker.socket failed to load: No such file or directory.
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