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Today we’re pleased to announce the acquisition of Tutum, a cloud service used by developers and sysadmins to deploy and manage Docker applications!

As early members of the community, the Tutum folks saw the need for tools to help users deploy and manage Dockerized distributed apps in production. Moreover, they wanted to make it easy for users take advantage of the portability that Docker brings to distributed applications.

Using Tutum’s service, IT teams small and large reported being able to go from code commits to production deployments in as little as 5 minutes. And the easy-to-use service and responsiveness of the Tutum folks generated great word-of-mouth, attracting more than 24,000 users.

Click here to learn more about why the Docker team acquired Tutum.

Borja Burgos, Tutum CEO and co-founder, also shared his reflections on Tutum's journey in  this blog post.


DockerCon EU2015大会议程确定

We can't contain our excitement for this year's DockerCon EU!  Check out the full DockerCon agenda to see all of the awesome speakers.

DockerCon 2015 EU attendees will also have the opportunity to learn more about contributing to the Docker project at the conference with  the Contribute and Collaborate track

Planning on attending DockerCon EU 2015? We strongly recommend that you register now because DockerCon EU 2015 will sell out early just like the previous editions!


Get started with Docker on AWS

In case you missed it, Docker Trusted Registry is now available on the AWS marketplace with a  30-day free trial . If you're looking for more information to get started with Docker on AWS, here are some  good resources.


Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge: We Have a Winner! by Adam Herzog

How to Set Up a Registry Proxy Cache with Docker Open Source Registry by Matt Bentley

Application running on Docker container – Part 2 by Lysender

Docker and Dockerfiles Made Easy! by  Younes Rafie


Salesforce Hacker: ELF on ELK on Docker by Adam Torman and Jari Salomaa

Creating Dev Environments With Docker Compose by Will Button

Orchestrating Docker Containers with Slack by  Jussi Nummelin

Monitoring your Docker containers using Ruxit by  Ranvijay Jamwal

Docker Hub Deprecation for Clients 1.5 and Earlier by  Matt Soldo

Lean Environment Management with Docker Containers by  Lucas Jellema

A Docker to try building F# for CoreCLR on Linux by  Cameron Taggart

Getting Started with Couchbase using Docker by  Arun Gupta

Foray into Jenkins, Puppet, Docker, and Photon: Part 2 by Edward Haletky

Docker Experimental Networking and ROS by Todd Sampson

docker-machine on OSX by Michael Heap

It’s the community, stupid. by Phil Estes

Protecting Sensitive Information in Docker Container Images by Matthew Close

Docker: A Minimalist's Choice by Bez Hermoso


Easier, Better, Faster, Safer Deployment with Docker and Immutable Containers by  Jérôme Petazzoni

Rails Applications with Docker by  Laura Frank

Turbine: A Microservice Approach to 3 Billion Game Requests with  William Day,  Romesh McCullough and  Evan Pipho

What makes Docker so good? by  Szymon Skórczyński

Docker in practice by  Jonathan Giannuzzi

Scaling Next-Generation Internet TV on AWS With Docker, Packer, and Chef by  Bridget Kromhout and  Peter Shannon

Docker meets the IDE by  Mario Loriedo

Dockerize Me: Distributed PHP applications with Symfony, Docker, Consul and Ansible by  Oleksii Petrov


Oct 21st:  DevOps Panel

Oct 22nd:  Docker Online Meetup #27: Raspberry Pi DockerCon Challenge

Oct 27th:  Persistent Storage, Data and Docker

Oct 29th:  Docker Demo and FAQ


Official Docker Training

Oct 23rd-24th:  Docker Administration and Operations (Las Vegas, NV)

Nov 3rd-4th:  Docker Administration and Operations (New York City, NY)

Jan 26th:  Docker Admin & Operations (Atlanta, GA)


North America

Oct 21st:  Docker Monitoring with Sysdig and Rancher (online)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at Durham Linux Users Group (Durham, NC)

Oct 21st:  Docker Meetup at Netapp (Morrisville, NC)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at North Dallas Cloud Computing Group (Addison, TX)

Oct 21st:  Docker Meetup at The Innevation Center (Las Vegas, NV)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at DevOps Reno (Reno, NV)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at Web Wednesday (Richland, WA)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at DigitalOcean Vancouver (Vancouver, BC)

Oct 21st:  Docker Talk at Cloud Security Alliance (Menlo Park, CA)

Oct 22nd:  Docker Talk at Boston Apache cTAKES Group (Boston, MA)

Oct 22nd:  Docker Talk at Bay Area Infracoders (Santa Clara, CA)

Oct 25th-29th:  Docker Talks at JavaOne (San Francisco, CA)

Oct 26th:  Docker Meetup at Society (Denver, CO)

Oct 27th:  Docker Talk at Western Mass Docker Meetup (Hadley, MA)

Oct 27th:  Docker Meetup in Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN)

Oct 28th:  Docker Talk at Packet HQ (New York City, NY)

Oct 28th:  Docker Meetup at Microsoft Reactor Space (San Francisco, CA)

Oct 29th-30th:  Docker Talks at ContainerDays NYC 2015 (New York City, NY)

Nov 3rd:  Docker Workshop at NYC Bluemix (New York City, NY)

Nov 5th:  Docker Meetup at Rackspace (Austin, TX)

Nov 6th-7th:  Docker Talks at DevOps Days Silicon Valley (Mountain View, CA)

Nov 8th:  Docker Workshop at GoBridge (San Francisco, CA)

Nov 8th-13th:  Docker Talks at LISA (Washington, DC)

Latin America

Oct 29th:  Docker Talk at São Paulo Pentaho Users Group (São Paulo, Brazil)

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