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摘要:Docker项目已经三周年了。三年前,dockr的创始人,兼CTO和CPO,Solomon Hykes 在pycon的一次大会上首次分享了docker项目(lightning talk at PyCon 2013 on the future of Linux containers)。自那以后,docker项目快速成长为一个健壮的项目,在github上斩获了29000多次的start,2B+的容器下载,还有1600+的社区贡献者。


三年前,dockr的创始人,兼CTO和CPO, Solomon Hykes 在pycon的一次大会上首次分享了docker项目( lightning talk at PyCon 2013 on the future of Linux containers)。自那以后,docker项目快速成长为一个健壮的项目,在github上斩获了29000多次的start,2B+的容器下载,还有1600+的社区贡献者。


To celebrate and welcome newcomers, the Docker community organized over 120 Docker Birthday celebrations in 50 countries across 5 continents! Each celebration includes a fun training for beginners on how to build, ship and run a distributed application with ease thanks to the Docker platform. We are immensely grateful to our awesome meetup organizers and the over 580 Docker experts helping newcomers complete the training!

We recently sat down with Solomon to reflect on the past three years, his birthday wishes for Docker and why diversity in tech and open source are important to him.


Tutorial: Role Based Access Control in Universal Control Plane

It’s been an exciting time for us since we released  Docker Datacenter a couple of week ago, which included the GA of  Universal Control Plane (UCP), our on-premises or VPC deployable management and orchestration solution for containers. Thank you for the enthusiastic response, and we’ll continue to deliver enterprise-grade feature sets into the Docker Datacenter platform.

One such feature we delivered in UCP 1.0 was Role Based Access Control (RBAC)—deciding and enforcing who gets access to which resources. This is a really important and complex component of commercial IT infrastructure.

Check out this tutorial walkthrough on how the feature is implemented in UCP.

Your very last chance to submit talks for DockerCon 2016!

DockerCon 2016

You now have until Wednesday, March 23rd 11:59pm PST to  submit your talk for DockerCon 2016.

This is a hard deadline since we need adequate time to review the proposals and select speakers. 


Docker Turns 3 – What a ride it has been! by  Mike Kavis

Video Tutorials to Prepare for the Docker Birthday #3 Training! by Elton Stoneman

How To Configure a Continuous Integration Testing Environment with Docker and Docker Compose by Pablo Chico de Guzmán

Cassandra, Docker and F# Awesomeness by  Lena Hall

Setting up 100 nodes Jenkins cluster with Docker Swarm in less than 10 minutes by  Govinda Fichtner

Integrating AWS and Docker Cloud 1.0 ~ A Multicloud Application Delivery Service by  Ajeet Singh Raina


Persistent Docker volumes with Azure File Storage by  Ahmet Alp Balkan

How to Scale and Migrate Elasticsearch with Docker by  Sacheendra Talluri

Using the Docker Toolbox on Windows by  Javier Caceres

Lessons from Building a Node App in Docker by  John Lees-Miller

Docker Sensor Fu on a Raspberry Pi · Docker Pirates ARMed with explosive stuff by  Govinda Fichtner

How to build a traffic light by  Stefan Scherer

SwarmWeek Part 3: Deploying a NodeJS and MongoDB Microservice with Docker Swarm by  Ryan Wallner

How To Virtualize Your Development Process Using Docker and Vagrant by Andrii Dvoiak

Swarm week 2016 - Part 1: Cluster Setup by Docker Saigon

Announcing the Docker Machine Driver for RackHD by  Kenny Coleman

Getting Started with Docker Cloud by  Arun Gupta

Continuous Deployment of a Dockerized Rails Application by  Chris Stump

Docker Flow: Blue-Green Deployment and Relative Scaling by  Viktor Farcic

Dockerized development environment on steroids (part 2/2) by  Aurélien Hervé

Production Meteor and Node Using Docker, Part I by  Stephen Pope

Let's run Docker on the ClearFog Pro router board by  Dieter Reuter

Docker in Astronomy by  Casey Law

Nesting Docker Containers? Stop! by  Mark Miller

Case study: securing containers and payloads on the Menagerie system by Ron Peleg


Building Reusable Development Environments with Docker by  Harold Dost

Docker & PHP development and deployment by  Szymon Skórczyński

Integration with Docker and .NET Core with Elton Stoneman

Docker from A to Zed with Ben Hall

Podcast Episode 2: Docker and Design Patterns with  Code Voyagers

ASP.NET Monsters Episode 14 - Docker with  Simon Timms



Mar 23rd: Hump Day Demos: CI/CD + Docker Hub Autobuilds

Mar 24th: Intro to Docker Security

Mar 29th: Docker Datacenter Demo

Mar 30: Hump Day Demos: Docker Content Trust

Apr 5: Docker Datacenter Demo

Apr 7: Enabling Splunk's House of Demos with Docker

Apr 12: How FairFly Uses Docker Cloud


Apr 19th - Apr 20th: Docker Administration and Operations (Burlington, MA)

May 24th - May 25th: Docker Administration and Operations (Chicago, IL)

Jul 19th - Jul 20th: Introduction to Docker 1.9 (New York City, NY)

Jul 21st - Jul 22nd: Advanced Docker Operations 1.9 (New York City, NY)



Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Hudson Hotel (New York City, NY)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Docker HQ (San Francisco, CA)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Mozilla (Toronto, Canada)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Allstate (Phoenix, AZ)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at InsideSales (Salt Lake City, UT)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at The Hinge Bureau (Indianapolis, IN)

Mar 23rd: Docker Talk at Code & Cans Developer Meetup (Chicago, IL)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Watsco Ventures (Miami, FL)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Hootsuite (Vancouver, BC)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at General Assembly (Boston, MA)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at Rackspace (Austin, TX)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at Electric Cloud (San Jose, CA)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at OGSystems (Chantilly, VA)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at IBM (Tampa, FL)

Mar 24th: Docker Birthday #3 at Red Ventures (Ft. Mill, SC)

Mar 25th: Docker Birthday #3 at Hacker Dojo (Mountain View, CA)

Mar 25th: Docker Birthday #3 at Expert Dojo (Santa Monica, CA)

Mar 26th: Docker for Java Developers Workshop (Mountain View, CA)

Mar 26th: Docker Birthday #3 at UCF Business Incubator (Orlando, FL)

Mar 28th: Docker Birthday #3 at Sony (San Diego, CA)

Mar 28th: Docker Talk at PeopleSpace (Irvine, CA)

Mar 30th: Docker Meetup at CA Technologies (Colorado Springs, CO)

Apr 1st: Docker Meetup at GE Digital (San Ramon, CA)

Apr 5th: Docker Talk at PADNUG (Hillsboro, OR)

Apr 5th: Docker Talk at Silicon Valley Realtime (Mountain View, CA)

Apr 6th: Docker Talk at Franklin Developer Lunch & Learn (Franklin, TN)

Apr 7th: Docker Meetup at Deis (Boulder, CO)

Apr 7th: Docker Meetup at Docker HQ (San Francisco, CA)

Apr 7th: Docker Talk at KnoxPy (Knoxville, TN)


Latin America

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Telefónica I+D (Santiago, Chile)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at Centraal (México City, México)

Mar 23rd: Docker Birthday #3 at HUB170 (San Salvador, El Salvador)

Mar 26th: Docker Birthday #3 (Goiania, Brazil)

Mar 26th: Docker Birthday #3 (Puebla, Mexico)

Apr 6th: Docker Talk at Medellín DevOps (Medellín, Colombia)

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