And the winners of Docker Global Hack Day #3 are...

Over 2,000 community members attended the 50+ local editions of  Docker Hack Day #3. Kudos to the  Docker community and Docker meetup organizers for helping organize this hands-on event!

The teams that won first-place for their Docker hacks in the Global Edition of Docker Global Hack Day #3 are:

Read this blog post to see the other Docker Global Hack Day #3 winning hacks or head to this page to check out all of the awesome Docker hacks that were submitted!

Docker EU 2015大会最新动态:

DockerCon EU 2015: More Speakers Announced and Hands-On Labs

DockerCon EU 2015We know how busy everyone gets at  DockerCon – there’s so much to do between conference talks, meeting members of the community and chatting with sponsors! We took all of the feedback from our pilot Docker Tutorials at DockerCon 2015 and created a new set of trainings for a better attendee experience. New at DockerCon EU 2015 are Hands-On Labs geared to help attendees learn the ins and out of Docker!

Our DockerCon Committee (composed of community members and Docker, Inc. employees) is finishing up reviewing the 393 talks submitted for DockerCon EU 2015 and we will announce a full agenda soon. In the meantime, more fantastic presenters have been confirmed to speak at the conference including  Kevin O'Riordan (Senior Software Engineer at Gilt),  Arnaud Portrerie (Senior Engineering Manager at Docker, Inc.),  John Starks (Senior Development Lead at Microsoft) and  Jérôme Petazzoni (Tinkerer Extraordinaire at Docker, Inc.).  Click here to read more about these speakers and other DockerCon EU 2015 updates.

If you're planning on attending DockerCon EU 2015, we strongly encourage you to register now! Conference passes are going fast and you don't want to miss this year's DockerCon in Europe!


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Docker Machine, Compose & Swarm: How They Work Together by  Jonas Rosland

How We Deploy Containers at Grammarly by  Yuriy Bogdanov

11 Weird And Wonderful Uses For Docker by  ScriptRock

Scaling Microservices with Docker Compose, Interlock, and HAProxy/NGINX by  Nicola Kabar

Experimenting with Native Docker tooling by  Brian Goff

Persistent Docker Volumes on Azure by  Ahmet Alp Balkan


Microsoft bolsters Azure in containers, security by  Katherine Noyes

Illumio Bringing Adaptive Security to Docker and Mesosphere

How Docker Helped Yelp Leave the Monolith Behind by  Jennifer Riggins

5 reasons I like Docker by  Szymon Skórczyński

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Docker Bootcamp by  Patrick Claffey

Docker Compose, AngularJS and Tutum — Part 2 by  Denis Ciccale

Developing With Docker At 500px, Part One by  Paul Liu

Petabyte-Scale Data Pipelines with Docker, Luigi and Elastic Spot Instances by  Ville Tuulos

Five Cool Benefits of Docker by  Catherine Perry

Interview: Docker and Containers with John Griffith

Docker in the 3D animation world. Game on! by  Kasia Hoffman

How-to dump your Docker-ized database on Amazon S3? by  Jonathan Petitcolas

Can’t We Just Run Boot2Docker in Production? by  Scott McCarty

Make Docker Machine Do Anything With Our Experimental Extensions by Kendrick Coleman

Tooling as a service via executable images by  Alberto Garcia Lamela

A VoltDB intern's work: Accelerating continuous integration with Docker by Rui Shen

Building an Oracle NoSQL cluster using Docker by  Marcelo Ochoa

Docker: Game changer in the world of Cloud and Virtualization by  Safi Junaid

Take a closer look at automatic agentless Docker Swarm health monitoring by  Michael Mishalov

Windows, Docker, and Buildpack Apps in One Platform by James Bayer

RC1: Jessie with brand new Linux Kernel and Docker by Govinda Fichtner and Stefan Scherer

Go Testing + Docker by Eric Chiang

Location-Based Cloud Foundry Applications using Nginx and Docker by James Thomas

Advanced Deployment of Ghost in 2 minutes with Docker by  Adrian Perez

Consul + Consul-Template with Docker-Compose by Neil Ni

Docker First Steps by Julian Camargo

MySQL in Docker with Java Hibernate by E. John Feig

Bamboo, Docker, and building web apps by  Himanshu Chhetri

Using Docker to run Node.js on a Raspberry Pi by Jason Baker

Logging with Docker — Part 1 by  Yoanis Gil Delgado

Dockerfile Generator by Joe Ruether

How Cloud Monkey Deploys Itself by Cloud Monkey

Managing Lightweight Containers with Docker, Puppet, and Vagrant by  Michael Hüttermann

Running NGINX in Docker without caching by  E. John Feig

Checkpoint and restore Docker container with CRIU by  Hirokuni Kim

CI with Docker and TeamCity by Tyler Power

Don't expose the Docker socket (not even to a container) by lvh

Docker containers and AWS Auto-scaling by  Ranvijay Jamwal

Aggregating application logs from Docker containers with Loggly by  Usman Ismail

Static HTTP preview server using Docker by  Tamás Sallai

Writing and running Go api's in Docker by  Ewan Valentine


Docker Swarm Clusters on Azure with Ahmet Alp Balkan

How Shopify handles 300M uniques a month running Rails, Docker, and MySQL with  Simon Eskildsen

Docker 101 by  Mario Loriedo

My "come to Docker" moment by  Peter Goodman

John Howard and the Docker Daemon with Matt McSpirit

Docker and Nexus 3: Video Walk-Throughs by  Manfred Moser

Container integration: A year of progress with Patrick Chanezon

CIO Tips for Driving Innovation with  Scott Johnston

Docker Global Hack Day #3, Bangalore Edition by  Neependra Khare

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