Docker周刊第105期:DockerCon EU 2015大会热火朝天准备中

2015-10-07 16:10:00


DockerCon EU 2015

The sessions in our Black Belt Track at this year’s  DockerCon EU 2015  are going to be awesome! Based on feedback from DockerCon 2015 attendees, we curated this track to bring a strong focus on advanced technical deep dives to the agenda.

More speakers who submitted via the CFP will be announced later this week but we are very excited to have the following speakers present at  DockerCon EU 2015:

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Docker Swarm Clusters on Azure by  Ahmet Alp Balkan

Docker Basics Webinar Q&A: Understanding Union Filesystems, Storage and Volumes by  Mike Coleman 

Developing with Docker by Nicholas Silva

Deploy a Go (golang) application to a minimal sized Docker container by  Chad Lung

Docker compose and ELK - setup in automated way by  RafPe

Your Docker Agenda for October by  Katya Kalache


Quick Tip: Running WildFly Docker Image on OpenShift Origin by Markus Eisele

Using Docker Machine with OpenStack by Scott Lowe

Innovate or Die: The Rise of Microservices by Matt Miller

Five More Popular Java-based Docker Images by Catherine Oliver

I did the Docker Global Hack Day #3 and all I got was this lousy t-shirt! by  Mark Sta Ana

Visualize MySQL Performance Schema With Docker by Derek Downey

Docker and Legacy Applications: Better Together? by Dan Jones

DockerCon EU 2015: 3rd Round of Black Belt Speakers by  Adam Herzog

Using Docker Compose to define RancherOS System Services by Ivan Mikushin

What I learnt when I switched to docker-machine by Jaymie Jones

Docker image with Tor, Privoxy and a process manager under 15 MB by  rdsubhas

Docker Machine to control Docker Hosts on Google Cloud by Romin Irani

Mono and C# on Docker – Hello World in 15 Steps by  Armen Shimoon

Create centralized logging in Docker containers with Node.js and Bluemix by Mika Turunen

Deploy Docker containers in hybrid clouds that use IBM UrbanCode: Part 1. Configuration by Sanjay Nayak, Noel Nihill and Mike Samano


Dude, Where's My Data? Data Persistence with Docker by  Kendrick Coleman

Q&A from AzureCon with  Scott Johnson

Dreaming with Computational Legos - Docker & Microservices by  Michael Bernstein

A Docker image walks into a Notary by  Diogo Mónica

The Future of Containers in Production with  Jessie FrazelleCasey BissonPerry KrugShannon WilliamsTianon GraviMark Davis and  Timothy Chen

Containers are Eating the Enterprise with  Diogo MónicaRyan Van NiekerkSam GhodsYunong Xiao and  Ashwin Raveendran

Docker network performance in the public cloud by Arjan Schaaf

Docker-assisted Software Development by Johann Weging

System Stacks by Christian Knieb

Docker in a Nutshell by Holger Gantikow

The power of Containers and Microservices by  Dion Almaer

Docker Introduction by  Robert Reiz


Oct 13th:  Docker Storage Considerations

Oct 14th:  Zenoss delivers software defined operations at scale with Docker

Oct 15th:  CI/CD with Docker is the Gateway Use Case for Pluggable Architecture

Oct 20th:  Couchbase accelerates and automates CI with Docker Hub and Jenkins

Oct 20th:  From development to product at scale with Docker and microservices

Oct 21st:  DevOps Panel

Oct 27th:  Persistent Storage, Data and Docker

Oct 29th:  Docker Demo and FAQ



Nov 19th: Docker Administration and Operations (Sydney, Australia)

Nov 26th: Docker Administration and Operations (Melbourne, Australia)



Oct 8th: Docker Meetup at Lazada (Saigon, Vietnam)

Oct 10th: Docker Meetup at STU Coffee (Ha Noi, Vietnam)

Oct 15th: Docker Meetup at ZheJiang University (Hangzhou, China)

Oct 24th: Docker Meetup at VMware (Bangalore, India)

Oct 31st: Docker Meetup at Allies Interactive (Kanpur, India)



Oct 20th: Docker Meetup at Sportsbet (Melbourne, Australia)

Oct 21st: Docker Meetup at Optiver (Sydney, Australia)

Oct 28th: Docker Meetup at The Grid AKL (Auckland, New Zealand)

Oct 28th: Docker Talk at Atlassian (Sydney, Australia)

Nov 9th: Docker Talk at Docker Wellington (Wellington, New Zealand)

Nov 13th: Docker Workshop with SEED Digital (Melbourne, Australia)

Nov 17th: Docker Meetup at (Sydney, Australia)

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