2016-06-14 14:35:00

Docker and HPE: Accelerating modern app architectures in enterprise datacenters

HPE + Docker

We are excited to share that together, Docker and HPE will deliver integrated and fully supported Docker ready HPE x86 servers, bundled with Docker’s commercially supported Engine (CS Engine) right out of the box.

This collaboration helps businesses transform and modernize their datacenters to benefit from a more agile development environment. With new Docker ready HPE servers, IT organizations have the ability to easily move from test/dev to production and achieve a highly available, secure environment at enterprise scale for Dockerized applications that work with HPE’s extensive enterprise management tools.

Read the blog post to learn more.


Open Source at Docker, Part 2: The Processes


We receive a huge number of contributions from people who are neither maintainers nor employees. One reason for that is that our processes are tailored for a great contributor experience first, and to optimize maintainer time (a very scarce resource!) second.

This post is the second of a 3-part series on how we deal with those challenges on the  Docker Engine project.  Part 1 was about the people, part 2 covers the processes - read the blog post to learn more.

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